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Nimslo 3D review

Nimslo 3D

Nimslo 3D was invented by Jerry Curtis Nims and Allen Kwok Wah Lowas, in 1982 it was presented in Cologne, Germany, at the Photokina exhibition. The camera was described as “a great advance in photography” but the sales where very low and the camera was discontinued in 1990.
The camera takes 3-dimensional photographs with great depth, detail and color.
It uses 35mm color film, 100 or 400 ASA/DIN, and runs on three nº.386 batteries; it has four 30mm f/5.6 “Quadra” coated glass lens, ASA/DIN selector, flash hot shoe, tripod thread, shutter release with cable release thread and built in double exposure control.
It is very easy to use, just aim and shoot; the CdS cell measures the light to program the (automatic) shutter speed (1/30 to 1/500 sec) and aperture size for best combination.
The camera is pre-focused from 2 meters (6’) to infinity and the view finder has a green/red led for good/low light warning that helps to get the correct exposure.
The Nimslo 3D takes four half frame photographs, therefore, each shot uses two frames (for example, a 24 frames film takes 12 3D photographs); to make one 3D photograph you need to cross the first half of the first frame with the last half of the second frame, the result is one 3-dimensional photograph, use 3d glasses (paper 3d glasses are cheap and easy to find) to enter the world of 3-D photo, it really makes you see photography from a different angle.

The Nimslo 3D costs around $20 in many online shops and usually it sold with the Nimslo Opti-lite electronic flash with two flash heads: a direct flash head and a bounce flash head (0º, 45º, 60º, 75º or 90º).
The camera is very well build and very solid; it is a bit big (136.5mm x 73mm x 41mm) and weights 34 grams but the soft leather grip makes it very comfortable to use.

The film used is an expired Kodak Gold 100 GA 12 exp.
The Kodak Gold 100 GA is a 100ISO bright sun color negative. The film is discontinued, only 200ISO is available. This film provides great vivid colors, saturation, sharpness and it is perfect for under and overexposure. Ideal to photograph outdoors with bright sun or at night with electronic flash; it provides great colors, the skies are bluer and vivid colors pops right out of the photo during daylight and awesome sharp colors during night time). The tested films expired on 1996 but it still have all its great properties and gives that vintage twist that we all love.

Camera type - 35 mm viewfinder lenticular stereo camera
Manufacturer - Nimslo Corp. USA
Film - 35mm color 100 ISO / 400 ISO film
Lenses - Four ”Quadra” 30mm f5/.6 coated lens
Shutter - Automatic 1/30 to 1/500 sec.
Diaphragm – Double lamellar, f/5.6 to f/22
Other - Cable release socket; ASA/DIN selector; flash hot shoe; double exposure control; tripod thread
Size - 136.5x73x41
Weight - 340 grams
Power source - three nº.386 / Maxell SR 43W batteries
Film loading - Manual
Film transport - Manual (single-stroke advance lever)
Film rewind – Manual

What I like in this camera:
- 3D pictures
- Amazing colors
- Extremely sharp
- Very well build
- Comfortable
- Very easy to use, point & shoot

What I dislike in this camera:
- You can only take 18 photos from a 36 exp. film


The software I used to process the photos is Stereophoto Maker. You just have to open a stereo image and adjust for the best 3D effect; sometimes saving the image as B&W enhances the 3D effect. The next photos appear by the following order: With 3D processing and without 3D processing. If you don’t have 3D glasses, focus a point between the two photos, cross your eyes to overlap the two images and once you get your eyes re-focussed, you will see the picture in 3d.

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A Family/Group Member disse...

nice blog!

Amber disse...

Really cool - never even knew this kind of camera existed!

Raquel disse...

I've been tempted to buy a camera like this in the past!

Good luck in the $50 Film project. :)

ZuLu disse...

You shoukd buy one, its really worth it. Even if you dont process it to 3D the pics are still amazing.


A. I. Firefly disse...

So grateful to find this post. I was given one as a gift and I am eager to explore it's capabilities. Thanks!